10 Best Content Copy Checker Software Tools: 2023

The representation of others’ content as their content is termed Plagiarism. Mostly, we can see the copied content with inexperienced writers, students, or others in order to save time and their efforts. It can be intentional or unintentional; producing original content with great effort is an appreciable thing.  If you want to know whether your content is original or duplicate, we have many software tools on the market. The best content copy checker software tools help the content creators in corporations check duplicate content, grammar, and spellings with ease. In this article, we mentioned the list of tools that have free and paid versions. 

Why should you use the Best Content Copy Checker Software Tools? 

Nowadays, people spend time online in this digital world and can see the content on different websites/blogs. If you’re likely to increase your reputation online, original content is very important as it quickly reaches the audience. The copied content may hurt the importance of the author, and that could affect the professional career. It is very beneficial to avoid plagiarism, especially for people who always publish content online. Professional writers must be extra cautious about their content and enhance their writing skills; there are different market software tools. 

How to choose the Best Content Copy Checker Software Tools? 

Plagiarism has become a major concern today, and significantly more people are looking to protect their content at work. Check the originality of the content, there are many software tools available in the market, and among those, we have to check the right tool. Before picking the best content copy checker software tool, we have to look at its features. The tool must be easy to use, how much time it will take for the results, and last, which tool will save from the hassle in the long run.  

Best Content Copy Checker Software Tools 

Always good to check your website content every time because we may face plagiarism. Nowadays, there are many possible ways to copy the content of others. To avoid plagiarism, have a look at the best content copy checker software tools.  

1.  Grammarly  | Best Content Copy Checker Software Tools

Grammarly is one of the best content copy checker software tools that must-have for every writer. If you want to become a professional writer, this tool will support fighting plagiarism in the content and work efficiently online. It can scan more than 250 grammatical errors and spelling errors and proofread the entire text with instant results. For the improvement in the quality of writing, Grammarly is the first choice with the advantage of grammar checker features.   


  • Real-time grammar checking 
  • Highly accurate 
  • Easy to understand
  • Customization
  • Simple to use
  • Limited for a free version 


  • For individuals, available for free of cost spelling, grammar, and punctuation 
  • The cost starts from $11.66/month to check style, tone, and clarity for the premium version, especially for school or college purposes. 
  • For business, starting price $12.50/month and suitable for professional teams for 3 to 149.

2. Duplichecker | Best Copy Checker Software Tool 

To detect plagiarism, Duplichecker is the best copy checker software for free. With Duplichecker, you can check for a single purpose of checking plagiarism or for multiple other uses. It gives instant results, and it is effortless and convenient to use them, whereas you can either copy, paste, or upload the content. Registered users can do about 50 searches per day, and unregistered users are allowed one free search.     


  • Paraphrasing Tool 
  • Grammar Check 
  • Reverse image search 
  • The premium version includes a deep search, supports up to 1000 words, no ads.
  • Accurate results


  • For enterprise, starts from $155/month to $200/month upto 1,200,000 words
  • For institute. Starts from $105 to $150/month upto 9,000,000 words
  • The price ranges from $55/month to $100/month, up to 6,000,000 words for the pro version. 
  • For the basic version, $10/month to $50/month up to 210,000 words.

3. Paper Rater | Best Content Copy Checker Tool 

Paper Rater is another best plagiarism software tool that provides instant results. It offers both a free version and paid version with additional functionalities. If you’re looking for fast results with longer documents, then the paid version is apt to work. Paperrater is not just a content copy checker tool but also a grammar checker and Automated proofreading tool.  


  • Automated proofreader 
  • Grammar checker 
  • Spelling Checker
  • No downloads and real-time checker 
  • Easy to use 
  • Gives Feedback 
  • Vocabulary builder


  • Available for free of cost based on content with fewer pages
  • $7.95/month for less content and $40 per month for longer proofreading 
  • No ads, up to 20 pages or 300 words per page, fast processing, and file uploads are additional features involved in the premium version. 

4. Plagiarisma | Best Content Copy Checker Software

The software Plagiarisma is compatible with all devices and also supports more than 190 languages. It has a free version that allows the documents to scan a maximum of 3 scans a day. The paid version has extra functionalities such as article re-writing and provides unlimited services to check various documents.  


  • Supports 150+ languages
  • Can check via URL 
  • Can check the files through documents or drives 
  • Does not store uploaded content 
  • Available for registered users only 
  • No limitations on texts
  • Article rewriter 
  • Grammar checker

Pricing:  It is available free of cost to check the duplicate content after sign-up into account. Otherwise, you can’t access it to prevent the plagiarism of your content. 

5. Search Engine Reports | Best Copy Checker Software

The Search Engine Reports tool is one of the best content copy checker software tools to check whether it is copied content or original content. It is free and straightforward to use as your content can get unique phrases instantly. It allows pasting the content up to 1500 words per search to detect plagiarism and rewrite the content/articles. Search Engine Reports is just not a copy checker tool but also checks the grammar and corrects it. 


  • It can free up to 1500 words of content to check
  • Ability to upload content from Dropbox
  • Ability to upload a file or folder from your computer
  • Ability to check plagiarism of the content by URL
  • Shows plagiarized content in the form of a percentage.
  • Shows unique content in percentage form
  • Ability to compare the duplicate content with the similar or original one
  • Provides sentence-wise results
  • Ability to view the content that matches the results
  • Highlighted to view in document format
  • Has the option for rewriting plagiarized content
  • Ability to download the report of the content search


  • Available for free of cost for all types of content creators. 
  • Can check the content up to 1500 words in the text location

6. PlagTracker | Best Copy Checker Tool 

PlagTracker offers an unlimited word count check and reports of scanned documents via email. The result will be slow as the documents are in the queue for up to 30 minutes and to check a larger volume of documents paid version is a perfect pick. Grammar checking service is also available in PlagTracker as it is another advantage for writers to use.  


  • Unique checking algorithms to detect plagiarism 
  • Very easy and understandable reports
  • Access to every detail in the report 
  • Grammar and spelling checker
  • Instant and Accurate results


  • Can check for free up to some limited pages 
  • For the premium version, $14.99/month for an unlimited number of texts. 

7. Plagium | Best Content Copy Checker 

Plagium is a great platform to check plagiarism even on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is a tool that provides fast and efficient results within minutes, no matter the document size. It is available in the free version and paid version, but the paid version is included many features like downloading the files and many more.  


  • Search 
  • Grammar Check 
  • Text similarity detection
  • Source database 
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Reporting 
  • Multiple file format support 
  • Content scan 


  • For a quick search, INR 2 per 10 pages for plagiarism.
  • For a depth of plagiarism checker, it costs INR 4 for ten pages. 
  • For file search in the system, it costs INR 0.30 per 10 pages.

8. CopyLeaks | Best Google Content Copy Checker

To scan an entire website, CopyLeaks is the best google content copy checker tool. It is very easy and convenient to scan the content and also provides the result instantly. CopyLeaks supports multiple languages and even supports numerous document formats. It is available as an android app with paid and free versions to use. For simple documents, a free version is enough, and for a large volume of documents, the premium version is suitable to use. 


  • Useful for any corporate and business 
  • Data Import 
  • Data Export 
  • Personal learning 


  • For personal purposes and 1200 pages/year, it costs $6.66/month. 
  • You have to book a demo for the enterprise and proceed based on your need’s pricing, and plans.  


This article has seen the best tools that are very useful to check the content’s plagiarism. These tools will absolutely save our time as they are not simple plagiarism service providers but additionally provides grammar checking/ rewriting services. Most of the tools offer a free trial version to check and proceed with the right ones that meet your requirements.