10 Best Content Creation Tools for Social Media: 2023

Brands and Marketers are following the digital trend strategy by creating images, videos, short graphical videos, etc. And the audiences are likely to interact with the product when they see a beautiful image/video on their social media. Today, different social media channels play a crucial role and become one of the businesses’ marketing platforms. Social media content creation is the most interesting aspect to engage with the right audience. Browse the best content creation tools for social media that help gain the audience and build trust. Let’s generate the creative content now! 

Why Should You Use A Content Creation Tool for Social Media?

We are living in a visual age, and visual content creation can easily attract many eyes. No matter the age group, video/image can interact with the audiences, and all you need is creative content. To help you, there are digital content creation software tools for social media. 

It benefits your business to bring more attention to the people, more leads, and sales. With simple and easy tricks, you can create content with a list of content creation tools. 

How to Choose the Best Content Creation Software Tools for Social Media?

Creating content may take a lot of time, but today, we have different content creation tools for social media to make our work easy. With less effort and time, you can create content by using content creation tools for your businesses, webinars, presentations, blogs, and many more. Before choosing the right tool, you have to consider the tool which offers an easy method to design a video, image, or excellent graphics with cost-effective solutions. To bring a tremendous difference in your business, you must consistently and correctly use the tool to grab the audience’s attention.  

Best Content Creation Tools for Social Media of 2020

Content marketing strategy is one of the most successful techniques to reach the right audiences for businesses. If you’re likely to create unique content, then find the list of the best content creation tools for social media. 

1. Canva | Best Content Creation Tool for Social Media

Canva is one of the best content creation tools for social media that allows users to create high-quality content. Users can create videos, images with templates, layouts, and other designing elements along with the content. For business purposes, go for the paid version as it provides excellent features and customization. It is the perfect tool for social media graphics, and with unique elements, it is easy to create your graphics and share them.   


  • Layouts for every occasion
  • Stock images and illustrations
  • Social media graphics
  • Library of fonts
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Custom templates
  • Customizable branding
  • Photo editing
  • Resize designs
  • Branded templates
  • Share photo folders
  • Organize images into folders
  • Upload fonts
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Design folders
  • Photo filters
  • Stock vectors & photographs
  • Icons, shapes & elements
  • Presentations


  • Available for free of cost for up to 250,000+ templates and 100+ designs
  • For the pro version, it costs $119.40/year with 420,000+ templates and 100GB of cloud storage 
  • For the enterprise, $30/month per person with everything pro has plus unlimited data storage. 
  • Can go for a free trial before upgrading. 

2. Infogram | Best Content Creation Tool

Infogram is worth a try if you’re looking for the best content creation tool. It has access to 13 types of maps and 37 types of interactive infographics in a free version. To create stunning infographics, you can use drag and drop options with the features it provides. Infogram tool empowers and helps the people/teams for the creation of beautiful content. You can design the image/content with ease and download, share, and publish the content online.    


  • Has more than 35 chart types
  • Publish content
  • Import data
  • Different map types
  • different library size
  • Premium themes
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom theme
  • Code export
  • Custom development
  • Team functionality


  • The basic version is free of cost that can create content online up to 5 pages per project.
  • The pro version costs $19/month billed annually up to 10 pages per project. 
  • For businesses, $67/month annual payment up to unlimited pages per project. 
  • For the organization team, $149/month bill payment annually up to 3000 projects. 
  • For the enterprise, contact the business vendor for pricing details according to your requirement. 

3. Adobe Spark | Best Content Creation Software Tool 

Transform your ideas into virtual content with the help of Adobe Spark. It is one of the best content creation software tools that provide users to create short videos, social graphics, and web pages within minutes. Instantly you can edit the picture and add filters as you like, and also, you can quickly turn your words into beautiful images. Using Adobe Spark, you can create effortless content that results beautifully.  


  • For every occasion, you can choose different styles and fonts. 
  • Allows to select thousands of images on the web or can pick through personal collections like google photos, dropbox, 
  • Can explore different themes with layouts, fonts, and colors
  • Allows to share images with your friends and family 
  • Make an impact in the form of views and likes. 
  • Automatically can sync to the web apps.


  • Available free trial for 14days for an individual 
  • Available for free of cost for the starter plan and can pick thousands of free photos and icons for design. 
  • Can create scratch for free templates in the starter plan 
  • After completing the trial period, the annual plan costs INR 7986.24/yr and 797.68/month. 
  • Managing multiple users in one account costs INR 1596.54/month and INR 19158.48/year. 

4. Unsplash | Best Social Media Content Generator 

Content is the primary thing to engage more audience for the blog; images and videos will help reach the right audience. Here is an Unsplash, where you can fuel your creativity as it is gifted with thousands of photos to use for free. These images are useful for different ways like presentations, social media content creation, mockups, artwork, and many more. For personal blog purposes, it is a suitable tool to use with ease according to your requirement.   


  • Can download and use photos as many as you can 
  • Select over 25million photos
  • Available to teach in 40 languages 
  • Automatically can remove the background of the image. 
  • Included with professional photo editor
  • It has a lot of curated photo collections.
  • Using AI can predict the performance of photos. 
  • Has the unique search for images

Pricing: It is available for free of cost and gifted hundreds of images to the audience worldwide. You can sign up for free to get the images as it has access to millions of photographs and can download them for free. 

5. Invideo | Best Content Creation Platform

Engage the audience with your creativity in pictures or videos with the Invideo content creation platform. Within five minutes, without any watermarks, you can create a video that can attract your audience. It offers 3000+ templates, 50+ themes that can convert from text to video. 


  • Audio Tools
  • Automated Voice Overs
  • Brand Overlay
  • Collaboration
  • Content Library
  • Customizable Branding
  • Customizable Templates
  • Intelligent Frames
  • Media Library
  • Multiple Layers
  • Power Transitions
  • Preview Functionality
  • Social Sharing
  • Speed Adjustment
  • Split / Merge
  • Supports HD Resolution
  • Text Overlay
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Upload to Social Media Platforms
  • Video Capture
  • Video Editing
  • Video Library
  • Video Stabilization


  • Available for free of cost, as you can share the videos with your family, friends, colleagues, etc. 
  • For businesses, entrepreneurs, social media influencers, and teachers, the cost is $10/month. You can try 14 days free trial in this version. 
  • For large organizations, freelancers, and agencies, the price is $30/month, and a 14-day free trial is available. 

6. Crello | Best Content Creation for Social Media

To create stunning graphics, Crello is the best content creation tool for social media. It is more suitable for brands that attract the audience with videos without any knowledge in graphic design. Crello offers free 10,000 designed templates, stock images, and various necessary elements for designing purposes. It is available for users in both versions, and in the paid version, you can get extra functions.  


  • Allows to remove the background of the image 
  • Can add frames to your photo 
  • It will enable adding speech bubble of different characters to photo 
  • Easily can add text to photo 
  • It can flip the images and also balance the design. 
  • With the help of hotkeys, you can rotate the image.
  • Has different photo filters 
  • Create perfect design and allows to resize the image 
  • Can make transparent images with designed layers to photo 
  • You can make a blur to the background and also crop the image.


  • Available for free of cost for the starter and offers 30k+ static design templates, and allows five designs to download every month. 
  • The pro version costs $9.99/month with 30k+ static design templates and unlimited downloads. You can save 20% on the yearly plan. 

7. Befunky | Best Content Generator Tool for Social Media

Befunky is one of the online content creation platforms where you easily edit photos, videos, etc. Create graphic videos for your business purposes easily, and the workflow of creating graphics is seamless. You can make photo collages with simple editing and different filters. Get started with Befunky and experience real-time filters as you need with ease for the best results.   


  • Can crop and resize the photograph with accuracy
  • Can change the photo into different styles like sketch, art, etc
  • Allows batch processing resize, crop, and enhance multiple photos at a time
  • Easily can remove the background. 
  • Can retouch the selfies and portraits 
  • It is a one-click photo collage editor. 
  • Has customizable design templates 
  • Free stock images 
  • It has several icons and vector graphics.


  • For monthly billing, it costs $6.99 with various creative features and allows cancellation at any time. 
  • For annual billing it costs $4.99, and you can save 28% with extra features to edit the photos. 


The best content creation tools for social media are listed in this article. These tools help create excellent graphic design, short videos, edit your image, and more. If you’re more creative, then these tools are worthy of use. So, select the right software tool that boosts your online reputation and increases your audience’s engagement.