10 Best Content Publishing Software Tools: 2023

Creating content for your online business website or blog will take a lot of time, and now what about publication? Content publishing is another big task, and it may vary based on today’s digital technology. Time and investment are the two primary things to create strong publications of your own content. For the growth of SEO content, the list of the best content publishing software tools is mentioned to help you publish the best content ultimately.   

Why should you use Best Content Publishing Software Tools? 

Over the last few years, online content publishing has exploded and will not slow down in upcoming years. It is easy to self-publish their content these days with content publishing software tools. The online content publishing tools offer design and marketing for blogs, websites, online magazines, and books. Most writers are looking for easy publishing without any involvement in coding or any other skills. Based on this, many companies have created online content publishing software tools. 

Best Content Publishing Software Tools 

You can publish the content with the help of the best content publishing software tools. It publishes the content and helps get the right audience and generate leads for your business when you publish quality content. 

1. Percolate | Best Content Publishing Software Tools 

For the entire content marketing for any industry, Percolate is a one-stop solution that can support content publishing processes. It helps to strategize, plan, distribute, and access the content of your content marketing strategy to publish on the website. If you want to execute a successful campaign or any content collaterals, this Percolate tool has many benefits that help your teams or organizations. It can integrate with social media platforms to distribute the content.  


  • Import/Export
  • Organizational Interface
  • Search
  • File Preview
  • File Types
  • Metadata
  • File Transformation
  • Versioning
  • Watermark
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Images
  • Workflow Management
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Web Portal

Pricing: To obtain current pricing and plan details, contact the vendor and pick the right plan that meets your requirements. 

2. Mintent | Best Content Publishing Software 

Mintent is one of the best content publishing software tools and also can perform all your marketing activities with ease. It can simplify and automate the workflow of your business and so that the marketing assets are centralized. If you want to analyze your audience based on purchase mapping, persona, and their profiles. By doing this, you can build a strong and effective marketing strategy. 


  • Contact Collection
  • Social Sharing
  • Entry and Exit Pages
  • Sessions
  • Engagement
  • Return
  • Conversions
  • Search Rank
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling
  • Project and Task Lists Organization
  • Project Templates
  • Team Member Roles
  • Automated Alerts and Notifications
  • Content Organization
  • Task Assignment


  • Starting for small teams, it costs $500/month 
  • Pricing is available for special agencies 
  • Request a demo and contact the vendor as the price may vary based on the number of users, the volume of content or SEO keywords tracking, and support level.

3. Skyword | Best Content Publishing Tool

Skyword can create and execute seamless content marketing and publishing strategies for your business. It is an award-winning content publishing tool that can integrate with third-party applications and software. Even it allows integrating with expert teams of writers, designers, and videographers. So, it is easy to let you command to grab more audiences. It has various features that are helpful to your business to build reputation and popularity.   


  •  Skyword Professional Services
  • Content Performance
  • Content Recommendations
  • Collaboration
  • Create and Optimize Content
  • Content Distribution
  • Content Planning
  • Edit and Review Content
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Tracking and Analytics
  • Editorial and Review Workflow
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Integration with Marketing Automation
  • Content Marketing Calendar
  • Increase Search Rankings
  • Scheduling
  • Ideas to Assignments

Pricing: Request a demo for more details of pricing and plans and choose the pricing plan based on your business needs. 

4. Contently | Best Content Publishing Automation Tool 

To maximize your return on investment, here is the tool Contently that can keep your audiences at its core. It can produce engaging and excellent content for your content marketing and publishing to reach the audience by using all marketing platforms. To return all your digital marketing investment, Contently is the tool that helps across all over marketing strategies by providing 100,000+ writers, videographers, photographers, and designers. They work tirelessly to produce superior outcomes. 


  • Customizable content roadmap
  • Content publication management
  • Editorial team management
  • Content asset organization
  • CMS integration
  • Freelancer payment management
  • The network of +55000 professionals in +60 countries
  • Share content on social media
  • Paid media optimization
  • Contently analytics
  • ROI optimization
  • Real-time engagement metrics
  • CPC 60% reduction
  • Content Archive
  • Remote approval
  • Smart content review tools
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Talent matching algorithm
  • Contributor performance tracking
  • Content marketing

Pricing:  Sign up for a free consultation service and proceed according to your business requirements

5. Scoop.it | Best Content Publishing Platform 

The specialized content publishing tool that can drive excellent marketing services is Scoop. It has an understanding level of business competitors and implements the plan according to it more efficiently. Bring all your marketing in one platform to work worthy with this tool and let you produce and deliver quality content.  


  • Content Suggestions
  • Content Hubs
  • Branding
  • Social Sharing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Website Integration
  • Analytics
  • Newsletters
  • teams
  • Lead Generation
  • Privacy


  • Available for free of cost with unlimited topic pages 
  • $14.99/month for the pro version if billed yearly with unlimited topic pages, branding templates, etc. 
  • If billed yearly, it costs $67/month plus version with unlimited scoops pages and analytical support. 
  • For the enterprise version, contact the vendor, pick the right plan based on the needs and implement it.

6. Contentools | Best Content Publishing Software Example

It takes cumbersome spreadsheets and, most efficiently, helps automate all your content marketing strategies. Contentools enable you to leverage customer preferences and visualize how your digital marketing space looks. 


  • Content tools map your content strategy, including your editorial calendar, to let you leverage digital time. 
  • It helps in bringing together the teams to communicate and collaborate efficiently.
  • Content tools teams of experts and experienced professionals help you curate engaging and worthy content for your audiences. 
  • The software tools have inbuilt analytics and insights that enrich your strategies and let you gain the maximum possible returns.

Pricing: For full functionalities, pricing and plans, get a demo, and they will provide detailed information. Based on your business requirements, pick the right pricing plan and proceed with it.  

7. Turtl | Best Content Publishing Automation Software

Turtl is a unique content publishing automation software that ensures engagement with the audience you share across all marketing platforms. It goes behind the recognition to your customers that drives to more leads. It allows marketers to create innovative, relevant, and engaging content and publish it with intuitive drag-and-drop editing technology. 


  • Distribution Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Brand Management
  • Categorization / Grouping
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Multi-Channel Publishing
  • Data Security 
  • Performance insights
  • Analytical and easy integrations 

Pricing: By providing details of your organization and request Turtl for pricing and plan information. It gives a complete demo on different functionalities and proceeds with a proposal according to the business needs. 

8. Content Eum | Best Content Publishing Software in Digital Marketing

For content marketing, publishing, and SEO, Content Eum is the best content publishing software. To get all your optimization done, this software uses one dashboard, and also it offers various features to save your time. With editorial workflow management and team collaboration, your job will be done easily to earn a higher content return on investment. 


  • Content Management
  • Internal Deadline Setting
  • Article Organization
  • Project Organization
  • Multi-Level Approval
  • Task Automation
  • Plagiarism Check
  • Automatic Update Status
  • Optimization Suggestions
  • Content Creation
  • Direct WordPress Publication


  • Available for free of cost 
  • For more pricing and plan details, contact the company vendor. 


We are here to help you provide the best content publishing software tools to understand content marketing strategies. In this advanced digital technology, it isn’t easy to attract audiences with content, and it is challenging to create innovative content. Clear assessment, investment decisions, old customer reviews, and references are the primary steps to take before implementing any strategy. The list mentioned above of tools helps you throughout the content marketing and publishing journey to get more ROI.