10 Best Content Promotion Software Tools: 2023

Content promotion is the best strategy to deal with the profits of your online business. If the content is good and grabs the audience’s attention, then it transforms visitors into leads. Several tools are available in the market to promote your content, but some are cheap, and some offer huge prices. The content marketing promotions are changing every year, and we have to follow the trend to reach more visitors to the site. For every online business, content promotion is the key to drive sales and browse the best content promotion software tools and make your mind. 

Why should you use Best Content Promotion Software Tools? 

Content Promotion is important because it gives answers to the audience’s questions. You can build trust, convert the visitors into leads, engage with more customers, and improve more conversions. Content promotion strategy is the only weapon. Today, the audiences expect high-quality content; then, a content marketer should not worry about it as there are different content promotion software tools in the market. So, content ideation, promotion, optimization, and many more things are becoming easy day by day. 

How to choose the Best Content Promotion Software Tools? 

There are various content promotion software tools in the market, and from those, we have to choose the right tool. First, to promote your content, you have to set the goals, establish your KPIs, know your audience, decide the content, create the content, proofread, and publish or distribute it. When a content promotion tool offers to share the content on various social media platforms and is noticed, it is perfect for your business. 

Best Content Promotion Software Tools 

Social media has become the most promotion part for your content, and some other lists of the best content promotion software tools are mentioned here. These tools will help you to reach a bigger audience and manage the content before publishing it. 

1. Infogram | Best Content Promotion Software Tools


 It is an easy tool that can make infographics within minutes, and it is one of the best content promotion software tools. If you’re unable to do ultimate customizations, the Infogram provides plenty of graphics to choose drag-and-drop arts. It is the tool where you can get a high-quality and straightforward infographic. It is a free tool and can share it to your website, and to download, you must go for the paid version. 


  • More than 35 chart types
  • Publish content
  • Import data
  • Different map types
  • different library size
  • Premium themes
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom theme
  • Code export
  • Custom development
  • Team functionality


  • For basic and simple data visualization, it is free of cost, with 37+ interactive charts 
  • For pro version, it costs $25/month with access to premium templates and designs
  • For businesses, $79/month as you can use a larger library and unlimited pages per project
  • You can get everything with the business for a team, including real-time engagement, collaboration, and analytics. 
  • Contact the vendor for pricing details of the enterprise version. 

2. Hootsuite | Best Content Promotion Software 

In Social media management, Socialpower is one of the big names and allows you to schedule your posts on social media channels. You can easily analyze the results with Hootsuite and set up feed streams to your social profiles to know what’s happening. It is available free of cost but with few features and experience all features when you go for the tool’s paid version. 


  • Access control
  • Activity dashboard
  • Activity monitoring
  • Approval process control
  • Assignment management
  • Automated scheduling
  • Automatic content scheduling
  • Behavior tracking
  • Bulk scheduling
  • Calendar management
  • Campaign analysis
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Channels performance
  • Optimize delivery
  • Performance appraisal
  • Permission management
  • ROI analytics
  • Contact history
  • Content filtering
  • Content library
  • Content management
  • Content repository


  • Available 30 days free trial period and request a demo for your business and enterprise-level to pick the plan 
  • For the professional version, it costs INR1260/month with essential tools for effective social media marketing 
  • For a team, INR 6600/month with an expanded tool suite for social media marketing teams
  • For business, INR 45,000/month with advanced and scalable tools for large social media marketing teams
  • Contact the Hootsuite team for pricing and plans for your Enterprise. 

3. Bit.ly | Best Content Promotion Tool 

The URL shortener also transforms the URL that is ugly by cutting onto cute little clickable links. For free of Bit.ly, you have to sign up and save all the links you want to shorten. It helps to organize the bit links in the form of bundles, and also, it is easy to track the click analytics. 


  • Shorten and brand the short links you share
  • Track individual link analytics
  • Gather audience intelligence
  • Measure campaign performance in one location
  • Collect insights on your performance
  • Optimize your marketing efforts
  • Give context to the click


  • The basic plan of annual bill payment charges $29/month, and with this, you can increase engagement, build trust. 
  • The premium version costs $199/month to boost social and digital communication platforms’ performance. 
  • Contact the vendor for the enterprise-level version and pick the pricing plan according to your requirements.

4. Mention | Best Content Promotion Strategy 

Mention is the best content promotion software tool and allows you to monitor the keywords across different sites. With the help of specific keywords or brand names, you can track the references related to it. Mention provides a list of feeds from the web and responds quickly to your search. Mention can easily take action when you hook up your social media profiles. It can show the results of brand keywords from the web and also aggregate the keywords.  


  • Social Measurement
  • Sentiment Scoring
  • Influencer Identification
  • Social Reporting
  • Social Listening
  • Social Sharing
  • Social Engagement
  • Brand Safety
  • Influencer Scoring
  • Audience Analysis
  • Influencer Segmentation
  • Influencer Collaboration
  • Influencer Analytics
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Data Importing and Exporting Tools


  • The solo version costs $25/month billed annually for entrepreneurs and individuals with 5000 mentions and 5 social accounts. 
  • The pro version costs $83/month for marketers and businesses for unlimited users and 10 social accounts. 
  • For skilled professionals and growing businesses, the pro plus version is suitable with unlimited users and 15 social accounts and costs $167/month annual bill payment. 
  • For a company, it costs $450+/month billed annually with unlimited social accounts and users. Request a demo for more information. 

5. RebelMouse | Best Content Promotion Example 

A popular digital publishing platform and also operates as a social content aggregator. In a customized layout, RebelMouse can display your shared and posted content on the wall. It works the same as Paper. Li, but RebelMouse has more customization. It can compose high-quality pages of various forms like articles, images, videos, etc., and create a stylish-looking manner. It is explicitly used for some social media campaigns. 


  • Social Analytics
  • Social Sharing
  • Social Campaigns
  • Social Engagement
  • Social Ads
  • Brand Safety

Pricing: Contact the vendor for pricing details and pick according to your business requirement to proceed. 

6. Tint | Best Content Promotion Software in Digital Marketing 

It is relatively easier and simpler than the Rebel House, and for more information, you can learn through a video presented on the Tint website. To aggregate all the conversations, Tint is a great tool to work with it and has a pretty cool setup with different conversations, postings, and pics. It looks aesthetically great and not that much attractive or engaging. 


  • User-generated content marketing
  • Content library
  • Engagement tracking
  • Customizable themes
  • UGC statistics
  • Filters
  • Multi-channel management
  • Image rights management

Pricing: Request pricing details after filling out the form and picking the right plan that meets your business needs. Meanwhile, get a demo for more insights. 

7. Slide Share | Best Content Promotion Automation Software

It is awesome when you’re preparing for PowerPoint presentations as it has excellent slide decks. Based on different audiences, it is a perfect tool for recycling and resharing your content. Slideshare can be used for office purposes, for students, and shareable to all social media networks.  


  • Social Sharing 
  • Document management 
  • Document storage 
  • File management 
  • Access Control
  • Document Automation
  • Document Generation
  • Document Management
  • Document Storage
  • File Management
  • File Transfer
  • Presentation Streaming

Pricing: For more details of pricing and plans, contact the Slideshare vendor

8. Buffer | Best Content Promotion Automation Tool 

Buffer is one of the best content promotion automation tools to schedule and queue social media updates of various networks. It offers story suggestions and hooks up the feed of RSS to share them easily. With this tool, you can collaborate with the team members of your organization.  


  • RSS feeds connectivity
  • Informative social analytics
  • Multiple posts and tweets
  • Social profile sharing
  • Profile management
  • Multi-media format sharing
  • Agency/business planning
  • Analytics and insights
  • Stats comparison
  • iOS and Android support
  • Team collaboration (via administrator rights)
  • 2-step account login
  • Customized scheduling
  • Standard buffering


  • Available for free of cost with 3 social channels, 10 schedule posts per user 
  • The pro version costs $15/month with 8 social channels for monthly billing, 100 scheduled posts per user. 
  • The premium version costs $65/month with 8 social channels, 2000 scheduled posts for 2 users.
  • The business version costs $99/month with 25 social channels, 2000 scheduled posts for 6 users.


Content promotions will help your business more comfortable, better, and more worthy than ever before. It is because of different promotion software tools that make many businesses’ content promotion effortless. From content ideation to promotion, there are several steps the content marketer has to follow. For more details, in this article, we have listed some of the tools and pick the right one that suits your business.