10 Best Content Research and Planning Software Tools

Content Research and Planning software tools mean that they do a lot of things for a business. It means that will help you to research and plot for your brand, project management, and editorial calendars. It has to track all your works like the content creation process and tools to measure the content after publication on the website. To deliver effective content for your business, browsing for the best content research and planning software tools helps get well-defined content. 

Why Use Content Research and Planning Software Tools? 

It will upfront the editorial planning and research work at the same time to provide your content framework. Therefore, it is easy to create the right content for your audience and brand that increases your reputation. The most successful business starts with a plan and executes them by organizing teamwork. Today, it is easy to do because of different content research and planning software available in the market. 

How to Choose the Best Content Research and Planning Software Tools? 

Website content is the key that talks and interacts with your audiences. It is better to do well research and plan before publishing the content. There are different planning tools to do so, and it can save you time and money. Pick the right tool based on your company’s needs and do well in your economy, understandable content, catchy, and inviting. The tool must have to perform from creating, distributing, and publishing the content with ease. Choose wisely that can do all the things and pick the right one.   

Best Content Research and Planning Software Tools 

The best content research and planning software tools are the foundation to build the content strategy. It can manage to research, plan, develop, and manage the content that can make the work easier for editors and writers. Pick the right tool to boost the visibility of the content and operate based on the tracking performance.  

1. Dyno Mapper | Best Content Research and Planning Software Tool

Dyno Mapper is the best content research and planning software tool if you’re looking to plan your website’s content. It helps you develop your content strategy and also can assist you in performing the whole process. If necessary, creating new content will generate and meet the goals while fixing your website content’s errors. It has powerful features and integrates Google Analytics to understand who your customers are to meet their needs. When it comes to content, it provides everything and keeps it in a convenient position.   


  • Visual sitemap manager
  • Content inventory 
  • Content Adult 
  • Content Planning 
  • Website Accessibility testing 
  • Keyword Tracking 
  • Crawling part of a website 
  • Internal linking 
  • Hosted XML sitemaps for SEO 
  • Easily crawl private website pages 
  • Keyword ranking based on location, device, and group 
  • Unlimited users and permissions
  • Custom Category 
  • Workflow 
  • Tags


  • Available for free of cost for 2 months if you pick the annual bill payment structure 
  • For the standard version, it costs $40/month for unlimited users and 25 saved projects
  • For an organization, it costs $150/month with 50 saved projects and 100GB of free storage space
  • For plus version, it costs $259/month with monitoring 100 projects and unlimited users

2. Coschedule | Best Content Research and Planning Tool

The most frustrating thing is sending emails back to back for multiple people, and it becomes a Coschedule tool. It is one of the best content research and planning tools that can help you to plan and execute your business marketing strategies. No matter the size of your business, Coschedule can perform the activities in an organized manner. It has an analytics feature along with managing scheduling, deadlines, and meeting times of your teammates in the process of website content planning.  


  • Agile Methodologies
  • Client Portal
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customizable Templates
  • Gantt Charts
  • Idea Management
  • Kanban Board
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Portfolio Management
  • Resource Management
  • Traditional Methodologies


  • For scheduling and share your marketing, it costs $29/month/user if billed annually 
  • For the marketing suite, contact the vendor and select the right plan according to your organization’s requirements. 

3. AirTable | Best Content Research and Planning Software

It is an easy-to-use service provider and helps to put all your website content planning and implementing ideas in one place. Air Table makes your work easier in real-time and can assign the tasks with other mates on the same project. It is easy to access stored information and easy to read spreadsheets with this tool. It has calendar features, where you can schedule meetings, works, and many more. 


  • Customized Fields
  • Filter, Sort, and Rearrange Records
  • Customized Views
  • Link Records Between Tables
  • Relational Database Functionality
  • Data Synchronization
  • Tags and Keywords
  • Email integration
  • Application integration
  • Snapshots
  • Social media integration
  • Third-party integration
  • Forms Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Communication Management
  • Automatic Notifications
  • Records Management
  • Automatic Backup
  • Upload Spreadsheet
  • Templates
  • Save and Share Views


  • Available for free of cost with an availability of 2GB of storage and unlimited bases
  • Room to grow with Plus version costs $10/month/user if billed annually with 5GB storage and unlimited bases along with many more essential features 
  • The comprehensive collaboration of the pro version costs $20/user/month billed annually with 20GB of storage capacity and many more 
  • For the enterprise version maximum business value, consult the business vendor for pricing details 

4. Monday | Best Content Research and Planning Platform 

The online content planning tool Monday is also known as Dapulse, which helps everyone collaborate to work on a project. It is easy to use and can meet the company goals by offering different features. You can save your time using Monday content planning software and track your day-to-day work without any spreadsheet. Discovery Channel uses this Monday content research and planning tool for their website content. Fiverr, Adidas, and Uber are some of the companies that use this tool to get their job done.


  • Activity Logging
  • Customizable Fields
  • Due date tracking
  • Email updates
  • Execution board
  • Motivational tool
  • PipeDrive integration
  • Relevant updates
  • Tags & Keywords
  • Time tracking by project
  • User access controls
  • Visual progress display
  • survey
  • workflow management


  • For basic, INR 60/month/seat with unlimited boards, 200+ templates, and many more. 
  • For the standard version, INR 750/seat/month with basic features plus extra timeline, automation, etc. 
  • INR 1200/seat/month for pro version with the inclusion of standard version features and extra time tracking, private boards, chart review, etc
  • Consult the vendor for enterprise pricing and plan details

5. GatherContent | Best Content Research and Planning Strategy 

Create and organize content according to your website requirements is easy with the GatherContent tool. When it comes to developing a website or working with a team, it is a huge relief to get ideas and information in one place. You can work on back-to-back projects if you don’t have a company or organization with this tool. It is a central location for everything as you can create folders on your collection of information, ideas, email, and data. 


  • Content strategy management
  • Authoring tools
  • Field-level guidelines
  • Online writing environment
  • Custom workflow states
  • Comparative revisions
  • In-line comments
  • Discussions
  • Content types & Content maps
  • Due dates & reminders
  • Editorial calendar
  • Workflow customization
  • Email notifications
  • People & groups
  • Roles & permissions
  • Audit trails
  • View project progression
  • Complete project and content status overview
  • Export content to CMS post-approval


  • Get a demo, or you can start a free trial for 30 days.
  • It costs $99/month for unlimited users and three projects for smaller teams getting started with content functionalities. 
  • It costs $299/month with advanced workflow and permissions for teams collaborating on larger volumes of content. 
  • For organizations that are expanding content operations across multiple projects, the transform version costs $799/month with 60 projects and unlimited revision history.

6. Slickplan | Best Content Research and Development 

It creates a unique website for your business and can create site maps, content, and diagrams to thrive. You can perform various activities like planning along with that it allows you to upload fresh content, documents, and pictures. But you have to share it with your team to work together on the same project under one roof. After finishing the creation of content, you can easily export the data to your content management system. In real-time, you can collaborate with your team, work together, and send messages with this tool.


  • Sitemap Builder
  • Diagram Maker
  • Content Planner
  • Share Design Mockups
  • Branding with your Colors, Logo and Sub-domain
  • Site Crawler – Generate Sitemaps from a URL or XML file
  • Custom Color Schemes
  • Share Publicly or With a Password
  • Export to PDF, Vector, PNG, HTML, XML, CSV, DOCX
  • Basecamp Integration
  • Multi-User Accounts
  • Approval Process & Locking Permissions
  • Commenting System
  • Export Directly to WordPress
  • Version Control
  • Link to External Sites or Documents
  • Group Editing – Changes Updated in Real-Time


  • Available for free of cost when you sign up and get a 30 days free trial period 
  • If billed annually, the basic version costs $8.99/month/user with email support, three active projects, and 1GB of storage space. 
  • For the Pro version, $26.99/month/3users with basic features plus many more are available. 
  • For a team, $53099/month/10 users with Pro version features and unlimited projects.
  • It costs $89.99/month/unlimited users with an email + phone support system for an agency.

7. JumpChart | Best Content Research Analyst 

Jumpchart is one of the tools that help make all your website work easy and painless. Everyone can be a part of this process when you collaborate with a team. It helps to create new ideas and generate them for unique website content. It is easy to create sitemaps as a planning process and gives you a full screen to write the ideas. Jumpchart is a unique planning tool when compared to other research and planning software tools.  


  • Can import entire sitemap
  • Easy page imports
  • Can import content into the web
  • It allows the managing of all the files and folders.
  • Custom fields 
  • Responsive sitemap to export/import 

Pricing: Try it for free, and for pricing details, consult the vendor with different functionalities and plans that are useful for your organization. 


In a content marketing campaign, content planning and strategy is the first important step. It keeps everyone on track by providing the basis for your content effort. There are different content research and planning tools to make all kinds of easy work for your business. Select the best tool that meets your business requirement and easily reach your company goals with the right tool.