10 Best Content Scraping Software Tools: 2022

To extract useful information from different websites, web scraping software tools are here to make your work comfortable. These tools easily collect the data over the internet as the tools are open-source and commercial with advanced features. The data which is extracted can transfer into a human-readable output. Without any programming skills, you can easily extract the data and create the data you want with the best content scraping software tools ease.  

Why should you use the Best Content Scraping Software Tools? 

If you want to collect essential data over the internet, you have to use any web scraping software to simplify the work. The primary functions of doing web scraping are comparing products, finding leads, market research, price comparison, content analysis, and data collection for business intelligence. The web scraping software tools with dynamic data extraction capabilities will allow scraping multiple pages at a time. 

How to Choose the Best Content Scraping Software Tools? 

The process of data extraction and importing it into a spreadsheet is an easy task with the best content scraping software tools. While selecting the right tool suitable for business, you have to consider factors such as the tool is easy to use, cost of the tool, functions of the tool,  crawling speed and performance, flexibility based on the requirement, support of data format, and customer support. These are the primary operations performed by every web scraping software tool. 

Best Content Scraping Software Tools 

The process of extraction of data from different websites is called web scraping. Here is the list of best content scraping software tools that easily extract the data without any hassle. Depending on the demand, select the right tool and perform the activity.  

1. Scraping Bee | Best Content Scraping Software Tools

Scraping is the best content scraping tool that can handle proxy management and headless browsers. It has a unique feature to execute javascript on pages and handle to rotate proxies of every request. And this is to get a raw HTML page without blocking it. It is a dedicated web scraping API for Google Search Engine. 


  • It is used for price monitoring and also for other web scraping stuff.
  • Can easily extract the data without getting blocked.
  • It allows us to use a large proxy pool.
  • Due to dynamic proxies, there is no limit barrier.
  • Directly from Google Sheets, can generate the leads.
  • Nothing to worry about running headless chrome on a server


  • For a freelancer, it costs $29/month with 100,000 API credits and javascript rendering. 
  • For a startup business, $99/month with 1000000 API credits, 10 concurrent requests, geo-targeting, and email support.
  • It costs $249/month with 2500000 API credits, 40 concurrent requests, and a dedicated account manager for large businesses. 
  • For an enterprise, consult the vendor for further details of pricing and plan. 

2. Scraper API | Best Content Scraping Software

The tool to manage CAPTCHAs, proxies, and browsers is Scraper API, and it is one of the best content scraping software tools. From any web page, the Scraper API allows you to get HTML with a simple API call. It can easily integrate with third-party applications with just a GET request. It can be done with an URL and API key to the API endpoint.   


  • API 
  • Data Import 
  • Manages proxies
  • Manages headless browsers
  • Handles captchas


  • Get started for free with 1000 free API calls and can cancel at any time you want 
  • The startup version plan price ranges $99/month with 10Lakh API calls and 25 concurrent requests. 
  • The business version costs $249/month with 30lakh API calls and 50 concurrent requests.
  • For the enterprise version, contact the vendor for more details with unlimited concurrent requests.

3. Octoparse | Best Content Scraping Software Platform 

With Octoparse, you can easily extract the scraping data from websites, and it has an easy user interface. You can operate smoothly, and the scraping process is easy with Octoparse. If you’re not aware of coding, don’t worry, as it has an auto-detection feature that can easily select the data. It provides more than enough features to scrape the data, and also it has built-in web scraping templates. 


  • Disparate Data Collection
  • Document Extraction
  • Email Address Extraction
  • IP Address Extraction
  • Image Extraction
  • Phone Number Extraction
  • Pricing Extraction
  • Web Data Extraction


  • Available for free of cost for unlimited pages, unlimited computers, and 10,000 records per expert 
  • The standard version costs $75/month with unlimited data export, unlimited concurrent local run, and many more for small teams. 
  • The professional plan costs $209/month with email, high-priority support, and many more features for medium-sized businesses. 
  • For any business looking for a customizable data solution, the enterprise plan is suitable, and contact the vendor for pricing details. 

4. Scrapy | Best Content Scraping Automation Tool 

For Python developers, Scrapy is the best content scraping automation tool to build scalable web crawlers. It can handle full web crawling frameworks like middleware, queueing requests, and proxies. Scrapy is a tested and open-source tool popularly useful for python libraries with simple and reliable scraping processes.   


  • It has built-in support for selecting and extracting the data from XML/HTML sources.
  • It has built-in support for generating feed exports in multiple formats. 
  • Robust auto-detection and encoding support 
  • It has strong extensibility support. 
  • It has a wide range of middlewares and built-in extensions.

Pricing: It is available for free of cost with unlimited scraping the data, and with the help of API, it can extract the data

5. ParseHub | Best Content Scraping Software Tool Example 

If you’re looking for a web scraping tool, then ParseHub is the right pick for you. It has advanced features that allow users to extract web data easily. ParseHub can extract the data when you select or click on it, and it has a unique feature that you can download the scraped data into various formats. 


  •  Scheduled Runs
  •  Automatic IP rotation
  •  Interactive websites (AJAX & JavaScript)
  •  Conditionals and expressions
  •  XPATH, RegEx, CSS Selectors
  •  Get data from tables and maps.
  •  Extract text, HTML, and attributes
  •  Scrape and download images/files
  •  Get data behind a log-in.
  •  Infinitely scrolling pages
  •  Search through forms and inputs
  •  Dropdowns, tabs, and pop-ups
  •  Pagination and navigation
  •  Enter URLs to crawl
  •  REST API and webhooks
  •  Download CSV and JSON files
  •  Dropbox integration
  •  Navigate between different websites


  • Available for free of cost with 200 pages run and 5 projects 
  • $149/month for standard version with 10,000 pages per run and 20 private projects 
  • $499/month for the professional version with unlimited pages per run and 100 private projects to handle 
  • For the enterprise version, contact the vendor for more pricing details 

6. Mozenda | Best Web Content Scraping Software Tool 

Mozenda is a cloud-based scraping software tool, and the data extraction process can happen at optimized Mozenda data harvesting centers. It allows you to run your agents, organize, and view results as the web console is included in it. You can export or publish the extracted data to any cloud storage service like Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, or Dropbox. To build your own project, there is a windows application called Agent Builder.  


  • Streamline data collection process
  • Auto-populate input boxes
  • Download images and files
  • Track history
  • Publishing and exporting
  • Error handling
  • Scheduling and notifications
  • Full-featured API
  • Anonymous proxies
  • Scrape website
  • Website content ripper
  • Website data extraction
  • ASP screen scrape
  • HTML spider
  • Mashup software
  • PHP screen scrape
  • Scrape contacts


  • For simple and small projects with low capacity, requirements contact the vendor for pricing details. 
  • For the professional version, contact the vendor, and it is included with faster execution, access to pipes, and support other apps. 
  • From medium to large scale, industrial data intelligence projects will handle large datasets and require higher capacity. For this, the corporate version is perfect and for pricing details, contact the vendor. 
  • Contact the vendor for enterprise-level data extraction, monitoring, and processing – dedicated capacity, prioritized robot support & maintenance. 

7. Import.io | Best Free Content Scraping Tool  

It is the best content scraping tool that can support all operating systems. Without any code, you can extract the selected data as it has an easy interface. It is an excellent choice for enterprises to pick this tool, and it is a cloud-based web scraping service. You can extract any data present on the web pages by clicking on it. 


  • Data Quality 
  • Extractor tagging and webhooks 
  • Can get country data with country based extractors 
  • Based on a country server can extract the data. 
  • By cleaning and preparing the web data, you can reduce time to sight. 
  • Encourage good digital citizenship. 
  • Can get detailed product pages

Pricing:  The price depends on your size of the business and how many pages you have to monitor. Contact the vendor for pricing details and choose the right plan according to your business.  


HTML scraping, web crawling, web scraping, or any other data extraction format is a complicated task. There is a large amount of work to be done, but now there are different tools to easily extract the data. Different businesses have different needs, and for all the industries, there are different content scraping software tools. Without coding, you can extract the selected data from web pages easily.