7 Best Content Management Software Tools: 2022

A CMS is must user-friendly and can manage a website without any hassle by the audiences. The content management system is all about website management, simplifying content, and providing high security to your site. Automation features and on-page SEO are the two other main aspects to consider in CMS. If you want to improve your website experience, the CMS tools can integrate third-party plugins or extensions. For every business and enterprise, an innovative and best content management software tool is necessary to manage and build the site.

Why should you use the Best Content Management Software Tools?

A CMS is very beneficial to your website management, and it allows you to reach your business goals. The reason to use a CMS is to manage the web pages efficiently, consistent brand navigation, workflow management, flexible for developers, search engine friendly, compatible with your mobile devices, and alerts us with updates if necessary. The mechanism that is available in CMS will ensure the content is approved before publishing it.

How to choose the Best Content Management software Tool?

We have different content management software tools in the market, and we have to select according to the business requirement. In this article, there are various tools. Some are suitable for an eCommerce store, some tools are meant for restaurants, etc. Before selecting a CMS tool, you must check whether it is user-friendly or not. Go for software that offers versatile integration capabilities, security, customizations, pricing, usability, and a CMS that provides excellent support. It is fundamental to choose the right CMS tool because it is the primary support for your content marketing strategy.

Best Content Management Software Tools

To manage your website content, the best content management software tools are helpful without skill requirements. You can create, edit, delete and manage the content whenever you want with content management tools.

1. WordPress | Best Content Management Software Tool

Description: WordPress is a simplified business development tool for everyone, and in the primary stage, it is started as a blogging platform. About 35% of active websites are using this tool as now it is a complete CMS platform. Due to the easy framework and design, many of the blogger’s hot favorite tools are WordPress. It is an open-source application free application and an easy user-interface that can integrate with third-party apps. WordPress offers a broad range of themes for free and can be bought if you want other themes.


  • Helps to create a robust website
  • Available for free and can upgrade for advanced SEO tools
  • Custom domains to develop an own space on the web
  • Dozens of themes
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast and supportive
  • Built-in social sharing platforms
  • Can publish anything and anywhere


  • Available for free of cost for a beautiful and simple website content management.
  • For personal purposes, it costs INR 160/month with a free domain for a year.
  • The premium version is best for freelancers; it costs INR 280/month with a free domain and unlimited email support, live chat, google integration services.
  • For small businesses, INR 640/month with advanced SEO tools, automated site backups, and SFTP database access.
  • An eCommerce website, INR 1152/month for yearly billing with premium design options, integrations, and payment facility around 60+ countries.

2. Drupal | Best Content Management System Tool

Description: Most of the industries use Drupal CMS software as it is a free and open-source tool. Media and publishing, entertainment, fintech, education, sports, NGOs, eCommerce, and healthcare are the prior industries that use this tool. The basic version of this tool is known as Drupal core, and it has basic CMS features. To manage Drupal, it is recommended to have an experienced web developer. Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Shopify are some of the Drupal CMS modules.


  • New Theme engine
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • More HTML5 power to you
  • It is multilingual ready.
  • Can manage the configurations
  • It is easy authoring.
  • Quick edits of the content
  • Built-in web services
  • It provides better accessibility support.
  • Increases the loading speed
  • Can meet the industry standards
  • Javascript automated testing

Pricing: Drupal is available for free of cost to download and use as a content management system. For the best results, the price module may vary with an addition of a condition to the mix.

3. Joomla | Best Content Management Tool

Description: It is the same as WordPress and a free, open-source CMS tool with various themes and extensions. Joomla supports multilingual websites, and it is mobile-friendly CMS software. It provides multi-level user permissions and also has many features with the allowance of third-party integrations. It can be manageable by a technical person, and non-technical people must learn about Joomla and then proceed to manage this tool.


  • It has incredible design features.
  • It is easy to content editing and publishing process.
  • Has great core functionalities
  • Easy content management system
  • Provides global and professional support
  • It takes you to the next level as a developer.


  • Available for free of cost
  • For domain versions, there are different pricing plans like for .com, it costs $13.99/year. For .net $15.99/year, for .at $16.99/year, and .club it costs $0.99/year.

4. SquareSpace | Best Content Management Platform

Description: A simple drag and drop website builder and allows to build an aesthetic website interface. For bloggers, entrepreneurs, restaurants, and musicians are primarily using this CMS software. It provides web hosting, extensions, SSL certificate, domain name, etc., and it acts as a one-stop solution to shop for users. It has built-in themes, and it is a mobile-friendly tool as it assigns different access rights without complicating the website management.


  • Modern Templates
  • Style Editor
  • Template Switching
  • Built-in Mobile Websites
  • Drag-and-Drop Management
  • Responsive Image Loader
  • Gallery Blocks
  • Audio Collections
  • Dropbox File Synchronization
  • Content Downloading
  • Social Links
  • Custom WYSIWYG Editor
  • Automatic Image Scaling
  • Site Annotations
  • Direct Editing
  • Mobile Information Bar
  • Custom CSS


  • It costs $12/month with a free custom domain, extensions, and unlimited bandwidth, storage for annual billing personal purpose.
  • For business purposes, it costs $18/month, including unlimited contributors and sales.
  • For a basic commerce site, $26/month with powerful eCommerce analytics.
  • For advanced commerce websites, $40/month with powerful merchandise tools, unlimited sales, and many more.

5. Wix | Best Content Management Website

Description: You can build a website or pick some readymade templates easily with Wix. If you want a custom domain, SSL certificate, web hosting, personalized email, content management, etc., go for a premium plan of Wix. With different types of features, it is easy to set up a business website. Online stores can accept payment methods, and restaurants can create menus and food ordering, etc.


  • Intuitive Website Builder
  • 100s of Designer-Made Templates
  • Customizable Designs
  • Free and Reliable Hosting
  • Optimized Mobile View
  • One-Pagers
  • Drag n’ Drop Website Editor
  • Text, image Editor & Free Fonts
  • Add and Organize Pages
  • HTML Embed Code
  • Page Protection
  • One URL for website & mobile site
  • Easy-to-add blog
  • Facebook comments
  • Social Feed
  • Automatic blog styling
  • Social Buttons
  • Wix App Market
  • Online Store
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Events
  • Live Chat
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Contact Manager
  • Personalized Google Mailbox
  • Financial, Marketing, and Communication Tools
  • Site Analytics


  • The VIP version costs INR 325/month billed annually for business and eCommerce plans with unlimited bandwidth and 35GB of storage.
  • For entrepreneurs and freelancers, INR 185/month with 10GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth
  • For personal purposes, it costs INR 125/month with 2GB storage and bandwidth.
  • For most basic domains, INR 80/month with 1GB bandwidth and 500MB storage space

6. HubSpot CMS | Best Content Management Service Provider

Description: It is the perfect pick for companies who rely on a consolidated Martech stack according to marketing needs. Hubspot is a popular marketing automation tool and CMS provider with the integration of the whole Hubspot Suite. With this tool, users can easily track the performance of landing pages, blog articles, and emails. It has content staging, mobile-friendly themes, drag & drop modules, and SEO features to simplify the content creation process. It is integrated with CRM, and based on the visitor’s traits, it helps you personalize the page content.


  • It has a rational data storage facility, including spreadsheets.
  • Can able to search the content easily with a built-in search engine
  • CRM contacts provide membership facility.
  • Can create multi-language variations of content
  • It allows different managing types of files and folders.
  • Allows the creators to update and design the website pages for content
  • It has advanced functions that can maintain website content.
  • Authenticated and secured to the website content


  • A personal content management system costs $270/month for annual payment by providing security to the site and other managing tools.
  • It costs $900/month to build a robust web app and extend the brand for the enterprise level.
  • Available for free of cost as the 14 days free trial.

7. Adobe Experience Manager Sites | Best Content Management Tool Example

Description: It is a part of Adobe Experience Manager, and it provides a template editor, drag & drop interface, developer-facing tools, and marketing-friendly templates. From these features, it is easy to create a new website or a mobile application. It helps to build employee intranets, customer portals, and marketing sites.


  • Able to put the content in fast track
  • Template editor
  • Style system
  • Single-page app editing
  • Responsive web design
  • Auto-text summarization
  • Content fragments
  • In-context editing

Pricing: Price may vary according to the location, so it is always beneficial to contact the vendor for pricing and plans. Select the pricing based on your business requirement.


In this article, we listed the best content management software tools that are having open-source integration services. Some of the tools are free to use, and some of them are subscription-based software tools. In the list, we are providing the tools suitable for marketing platforms and eCommerce stores. Select the right tool based on your business requirement that is user-friendly and create a website easily.