10 Best Content Migration Software Tools: 2022

The process of transferring the database between the systems is known as Data Migration. The transfer of data can be file formats, or it can be a type of data storage. You can migrate the important database from the old system to the new system through a particular mapping pattern. A mapping pattern is nothing but having the design of data load activities and data extraction. For smoother data migration, this design acts as a translator, and it is easy to transfer the database from the old one to the new system. Browse the list of best content migration software tools provided with data encryption and backup assistance to your critical data for every enterprise. 

Why should you use Best Content Migration Software Tools? 

Due to many reasons, data migration is required, and some of the reasons are website consolidation, maintenance or upgrade activities, server replacements, etc. It is always important to keep an extra copy of your organization’s sensitive data so that you can avoid immediate loss of data and can run your business without any interruptions. 

How to choose the Best Content Migration Software Tools? 

Data Migration is a challenging task to complete it especially manually, and it requires a lot of human resources. But, today, it became easy because of the availability of different software tools in the market. With the help of these data migration tools, you can automatically and programmatically migrate the data. You have to choose the tool that comprises phrases like load data to the new system, extracting data from the old system, and data verification. As these features are available in a tool, then it is easy to migrate the data precisely. 

Best Content Migration Software Tools 

If you want to manage data migration of different systems, look at the best content migration software tools that make the work simple and easy. Without any data loss, you can migrate the data from one system to another.  

1. IRI NextForm |  Best Content Migration Software Tools 

It is available in different editions as a database migration utility and standalone data. The IRI Nextform has a capability for larger data management, Voracity, and ETL platforms. It can help to convert the file formats into XML, LDIF, and JSON to CSV. Also can convert legacy data stores like CUCOBOL to MS SQL, packed decimal to numeric version. Database schema start to data vault and Oracle to MongoDB are some other conversions it can perform. 


  • Can recast the files fastly 
  • Reliable and Scalable migration 
  • It can convert over 100 data types 
  • Allows the unstructured data to structure 
  • Can remap field layouts
  • Data replication 
  • Report generation 
  • Interoperable metadata
  • Supports simple data 
  • Compatible devices Windows, Unix, and Linux
  • Low volume discounts and cost licenses


  • For the lite version, it is free for Windows and Linux devices as well as $1000 for other Unix flavors. For file transfer, $125/file and $1k per year with the accessibility of convert, replicate, reformat, and report the data in flat files. 
  • For COBOL, $2500 Windows, $3500 Linux, and full upgrade version connect IRI Software Products. 
  • For DBMS, the price may vary as it depends on databases and hardware platforms ranges from $10,000 to $50,000
  • For more premium versions, the price entirely depends on the database. 

2. Xplenty | Best Content Migration Software

It is a cloud-based integration software tool, and Xplenty also a full toolkit to build the data pipelines. It is the best content migration software solution for sales, marketing, developers, and customer support. These types of solutions are available for the hospitality, retail, and advertising industries. It is a scalable and elastic platform for businesses. 


  • Data integration 
  • Marketing analytics solution 
  • Sales analytics solution 
  • Customer support analytics solution 
  • Easy to use 
  • Automatic patching 
  • DDoS mitigation 
  • Encryption of the data 
  • Encryption in-transit


  • Available a free trial for 14 days
  • Book a demo, and to proceed, contact the vendor and choose the right plan that deserves your organization. 
  • Allows to cancel at any time, and it is an easy setup.

3. DBConvert Studio | Best Content Migration Tool

For database migration and synchronization, DBConvert Studio is the most suitable tool. It supports more than 10 types of databases like MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL server, and more. If you want to transfer large volumes of data, it will help you easily to migrate them without any hassle. You can easily migrate the database to third-party cloud platforms like Amazon, Google Cloud, etc.   


  • Can speed up the database migrations
  • Error-free transfer of data 
  • It can automatically convert views/queries. 
  • Allows to synchronize the data in any 3 sync types 
  • Can sync database fastly with Trigger-based sync 
  • It will enable syncing the databases in both directions at the same time. 
  • Before processing, it will map data types. 
  • For conditional database program, allows adding own data filters.
  • With the help of the built-in scheduler, command line mode, and sessions, it automates your job data migration. 
  • For indirect data upload to MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Firebird, ORACLE can use PHP scripts and Dumps. 
  • For database secure tunnel connections, adjust SSH forwarding.   


  • For personal purposes, it costs $149/year/user with optional technical support. 
  • For business purposes, it costs $449/year/5 users with optional technical support. 
  • For enterprise-level, $999/year for unlimited users with the inclusion of premium technical support 

4. AWS Data Migration |  Best Content Migration Strategy 

If you want to migrate the database, AWS Data Migration is the perfect tool. It is one of the best content migration strategy tools that help to migrate the data easily. AWS Data Migration is owned by Amazon and works best as a cloud migration software. You can migrate the data easily and securely with this data migration tool. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Minimize the downtime 
  • It supports wide databases. 
  • Very fast and easy setup 
  • Low cost 
  • Reliable 


  • For general purposes, it costs $0.115/GB/month single A-Z, and for multiple A-Z $0.23/GB/month.  
  • Data transfer into AWS Database migration is free. 
  • The same availability of data transfer between AWS Database Migration Service and databases in Amazon RDS and Amazon EC2 Instances is also free. 

5. Informix (IBM) | Best Database Migration Tool 

Informix is a tool that can move the data from one place to another easily. The Informix tool can transfer the database from one IBM database to another IBM database in a secure manner. Primarily, the Informix software tool supports homogeneous data migrations. If you want to import the data from non-Informix sources, you have to use special tools like a High-performance loader, External tables, etc. 


  • Real-time analytics 
  • Fast and always on-transactions 
  • Simplicity 
  • Less data management hassles 
  • Storage
  • Availability
  • Stability
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Data Manipulation
  • Query Language

Pricing: Book the consultation for pricing details, and also a free developer edition is also available to analyze the functions. 

6. Azure DocumentDB | Best Content Migration Example 

If you’re looking for the best content migration tools, then the Azure DocumentDB tool is here to use. It is owned by Microsoft and also an excellent tool to perform data migrations. The data movement from various sources is easy with Azure DocumentDB.  


  • It can successfully import data from some sources: CSV files, HBase, MongoDB, SQL, JSON files, Azure Azure DocumentDB, Table storage, and Amazon DynamoDB.
  • It supports a wide range of computers (Windows operating systems).
  • Support .NET frameworks 4.5.1 or higher versions.

Pricing: Contact the vendor for pricing details and, based on the pricing plans, choose the right one that suits your business requirement 

7. Rsync | Best Database Migration Software Tool 

To transfer the data across the operating systems efficiently with the Rsync data migration tool is very easy and simple. It is one of the best database migration software tools that migrates the data based on file size and time stamp.  


  • It best works with Unix-like systems. 
  • Acts as file synchronization and data transfer program.
  • The data migration service has established a connection between the peers; Rsync processes act as a sender and receiver. 
  • By forming peer connections, it is capable of performing local and remote data transfers.
  • To connect to the remote system, it uses SSH.
  • It invokes the remote host’s Rsync to determine which parts of data need to be transferred over the secure connection.


  • 2.5cents/GB/month for 400-9000 gigabytes with unlimited email support and daily 7 snapshots. 
  • 2 cents/GB/month for 10 – 99 terabytes with free integration engineering and 7 days + 4 weeks snapshots. 
  • 1 cent/GB/month for 100+ terabytes with full features at any location 


To protect all your sensitive data, we have to keep them safe and secure with 2 or more copies. This article provides the best content migration software tools that perform with brilliant features and cover each migration category. From these tools, choose the best that can bring more value and reputation to the organization. Different tools can work according to the different situations, and select a tool that meets your requirement.