7 Best Content Marketing Software Tools: 2022

Content Marketing software is essential to improve customer conversions and can help businesses identify new audiences. You can build trust and relationships with your customers by providing quality content. A purchasing decision of a product can make with the help of the content that you provide. A content marketer has to adapt the customer mindset to what they’re expecting from the product. Content marketers have to create engaging content to drive sales and leads when selecting the best content marketing software tools to perform various activities.

Why should you use Best Content Marketing Software Tools?

Content marketing is the primary asset for any business to promote its product or services. Content Marketers are showcasing their skills to reach more audiences and increasing business profits. Today, in the market, we have different content marketing software tools that help content marketers to analyze and implement strategies to gain customers. We have mentioned the list of best content marketing software tools that meet a content marketer’s needs.

How to choose the Best Content Marketing Software Tools?

For every business, a content marketing strategy will help you bring new customers and increase brand value. The right software tool will help create content, promote and distribute it to other social media channels. To choose the best content marketing software tool, you have to consider that a tool can carry an efficient content marketing strategy, easy to measure ROI, and offers useful functionalities like analytics, SEO, content creation, distribution, and collaboration. The list of the tools is mentioned here, and choose the right one that helps your business.

Best Content Marketing Software Tools

If you want to manage your content, the best content marketing software tools will help produce the best content marketing strategy. These tools will help to execute the best content marketing strategy along with developing and publishing the content.

1. Buzzsumo | Best Content Marketing Software Tool

The tool that helps you to find the trending topics of different niches is Buzzsumo. Even it provides information about the influencers based on your related topics. For content planning and scheduling, this service is suitable for you because it is easy to discover the content shared on social media platforms. You can select the best popular content according to your industry. It’s time to realize that social media platforms are more useful for promoting your content.

Features :

  • Content insights
  • Influencer amplification
  • Content alerts
  • Competitor analysis & comparisons
  • Social backlinks
  • Advanced filtering
  • Content curation
  • Data export
  • Content analysis reports
  • Complete social network overview
  • Open API
  • Author tracking & notification
  • Link alerts
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Content discovery
  • Question analyzer


  • Available free trial for 30 days
  • For the pro version, $99/month with unlimited monthly searches and for 5 users.
  • For the Plus version, it costs $179/month with unlimited monthly searches and 10users
  • For the large version, it costs $299/month with 15 users and unlimited search results.
  • For enterprises, $499+ and the custom plans are tailored with unlimited searches and 30 users.

2. Serpstat | Best Content Marketing Software

An all-in-one platform that offers numerous different modules is Serpstat. It is the tool that can perform backlink analysis, competitor analysis, keyword research, rank tracking, and SEO-audit. Serpstat helps you pick your content topics, including high-volume texts, ranking your posts, learning SERP, and analyzing the competitors for your content/ads. It has effective features, and it is easy to use service to complete the tasks. To get the content report, on the search box of Serpstat, just type the keyword or domain name.

Features :

  • Keyword research
  • Search Analytics
  • Advertising analysis
  • Content Marketing Ideation
  • Competitor research
  • Rank Tracking
  • Backlink Analysis
  • API
  • Reports and Infographics
  • On-page Audit
  • Market Intelligence


  • Subscribe for the lite version at $69/month with great features of more than 20 to run the business.
  • Subscribe for the standard version at $149/month to include the lite version plus extended interface.
  • The advanced version costs $299/month with the inclusion of the standard version and suitable for big marketing agencies.
  • The enterprise version costs $499/month, and it is ideal for industry leaders.
  • For enterprises with specific demands, contact the vendor for more information and then pick the right plan according to your enterprise level.

3. Social Animal | Best Content Marketing Strategy

To research the top content performances on various social profiles, then here is the tool called Social Animal. It is defined as one of the best content marketing strategy tools that give you every insight into your content when to post. Social Animal can analyze thousands of articles that you post on social media platforms and work best. It can easily find the influencers based o the term or keyword you search in it. With the influencer score, you can find the best match or accurate content easily. To check the competitor’s Facebook pages, it has a unique feature that allows Facebook to search in it. It is easy to come up with marketing strategies for competitors to analyze the audience engagement and analysis.

Features :

  • Audience Targeting
  • Brand Management
  • Influencer search
  • Content research
  • Content curation
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Categorization/Grouping
  • Distribution Management
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Multi-Channel Publishing
  • Publish Scheduling
  • SEO Management


  • Available for free of cost for a 14 days free trial period.
  • For bloggers and freelancers, it costs $41/month with unlimited article search and domain insights.
  • It costs $166/month with full social media analysis and unlimited domain insights for an agency level.
  • It costs $416/month with the inclusion of agency and blogger versions for the enterprise level, monitors the site, and provides support to the customers.

4. Mintent | Best Content Marketing Tool

It is an effective and simple content marketing tool that helps us to create, plan, measure, deliver, and manage the journey of a customer. It allows marketers with customer buying cycles, content marketing workflows, content engagement analytics, and editorial calendars to gain high returns on investment. It is easy to use and track every insight of the content, including SEO reports that make us manage all content strategies to implement.

Features :

  • Content Marketing platform
  • SEO platform
  • Content Performance Analytics
  • Content Organization
  • Task Assignment
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling
  • Project and Task Lists Organization
  • Project Templates
  • Team Member Roles
  • Automated Alerts and Notifications
  • Entry and Exit Pages
  • Sessions
  • Engagement
  • Return
  • Conversions
  • Search Rank
  • Contact Collection
  • Social Sharing

Pricing: Book a demo to analyze the tool, pricing plans and proceed with the vendor according to your business requirement. The pricing range starts from $500/month for small teams, and special agency pricing is also available.

5. Get Response | Best Content Marketing Platform

Get Response is a useful and convenient tool for content marketers and very helpful for businesses. It is a service more than just an email platform and, based on recipient actions, can easily trigger the emails and events. It has various features that help marketers and allows them to schedule to post the content based on customer interactions.

Features :

  • Save time and resources.
  • Capture and Convert new leads
  • Sell more with less effort.
  • Build a connection with the right audience
  • Create automation events according to the behavior of customers
  • For more precise targeting, use filters
  • Autoresponders 2.0
  • Email drag-and-drop Editor
  • Single Opt-in Automated Imports
  • 1000+ iStock photos
  • Automated Single Opt-in Imports
  • Email and Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Responsive Email Design
  • Inbox Preview
  • Video Email Marketing
  • Real-time Reports
  • State of the Art API
  • Landing Page Creator
  • Form Builder
  • Forms on the Go
  • Responsive Landing Page Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • List Building Program


  • Available for free of cost for 30 days free trial and also offers to cancel anytime.
  • For the basic version, it costs $15/month with unlimited automation templates.
  • The Plus version costs $49/month, and in this, you can generate leads, sell products, and profits will grow.
  • For professional purposes, $99/month that optimizes the results with pro automation and integrations.
  • For MAX, it offers everything in a professional version and more as it evolves your marketing strategy in an advanced way. Contact the vendor for other details.

6. BannerFlow | Best Content Marketing Automation Tool

Developing text is creating content and making content banners, and it is comfortable with Bannerflow. With this tool, it is easy to create infographics, tables, and banners for your content. If you’re not perfect at photoshop, graphic design, or any other skills, then Bannerflow is the ideal solution for you. Bannerflow can create professional designs that help you to promote on different social media tools. Even it allows you to build a brand for your products.

Features :

  • Demand Side Platform Integration
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • Dynamic Versioning
  • Ad Templates
  • HTML5 Authoring
  • Automated Ad Creation
  • Language Translation
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Performance and Reliability
  • Bulk Editing
  • Batch Uploading
  • Creative Optimization
  • Rich Media Capabilities
  • Mobile Functionality
  • Display Functionality

Pricing: Book a demo for the functioning details of Bannerflow, and based on the services, you can proceed to use the software for your business.

7. Cyfe | Best Content Marketing Software Tool Example

Cyfe is a tool that helps not only content marketing teams but also makes it easy for email marketing, team management, financing, and scheduling the content. For more effective and comfortable services of your post, Cyfe can help you in the whole process of creating, editing, monitoring the posts, and promoting them to reach bigger audiences. Using this tool, you can save a lot of energy and time with this tool to create an all-in-one business dashboard.

Features :

  • Social Measurement
  • Sentiment Scoring
  • Influencer Identification
  • Social Reporting
  • Social Listening


  • For a solo version, including 5 dashboards and 1 user, it costs $29/month.
  • For a Pro version, including 10 dashboards and 5 users, it costs $49/month.
  • The premier version, including 20+ dashboards and unlimited users, costs $89+/month.
  • For the agency plan for about 10 clients, it costs $150/month.


For the promotion of your business products or services, Content marketing is one strategy to promote on different social media platforms. If you have done perfect content marketing, it will help you get profits and increase the brand value. This article mentioned the best content marketing software tools that make your work efficient and progressive. Pick the right tool that meets your requirements and for your business.