7 Best Content Idea Generation Software Tools: 2022

We live in the digital world, and we can see different types of content on different kinds of sites, web pages, etc. Bloggers get stuck in getting new ideas for their blog posts? So, don’t worry; luckily, we have various content idea generation software tools to create unique ones. For a successful content marketing strategy, the best content idea generator software tools help get the array of content ideas to write fitly.

Why should you use Best Content Idea Generation Software Tools?

Whether you’re updating online site content or working on a content marketing strategy, you always need fresh content. Getting new content is not much easy and always pay attention to the right and relevant content. The right ones will produce more engagement with social shares, and it may take to increase in leads. This article mentions some of the best content idea generation tools that spark your online business.

How to choose Best Content Idea Generation Software Tools?

Writing relevant and fresh content is challenging for every writer, no matter what the industry is. Content marketers spend most of the time crafting ideas to achieve more customers. We have different content idea generation software tools and choose the best one that suits your requirement. Before that, have a look at the points. What are the important things to consider while selecting the best tool is to write the content based on your regular visitors, pick the right keywords, and this tool can prioritize user-content, find the relevant topics, and then proceed.

Best Content Idea Generation Software Tools

Content is the king; content plays a crucial role for every business in digital marketing. Generating the content with new ideas is tough, and with the help of the best content idea generation software tools, it will make it easier.

1. Answer The Public | Best Content Idea Generation Software Tool

You can discover questions with the search topics based on people’s searches online with the Answer The Public tool’s help. The tool created by the coverage book makes it easy to filter the questions according to the data visualization. Apart from the data that can glean with this tool’s help, it is easy to organize the results based on queries. You can simply scroll down based on the alphabetical order of search questions.

Features :

  • Explore keywords in different ways for content idea
  • Get alerts and monitor the new suggestions
  • Can compare the data over time
  • Premium members can explore the data and filter it.
  • Allows to hide unwanted branches and suggestions
  • It can export high-resolution images to your insights.
  • Unlimited members


  • $99/month, and with this plan, you can get more search data as well as can easily build a content strategy
  • For annual payment, it costs $79/month with unlimited search data and pro features
  • For enterprise version, it costs $399/month with unlimited users and unlimited searches

2. Buzzsumo | Best Content Idea Generation Software

To discover the content’s online popularity, Buzzsumo is the perfect online tool to do so. It can easily identify the content divided by topic or by any website, and it can discover with the help of search terms. Buzzsumo filters the content as it has a built-in feature and also it can filter based on links or social platform engagement.

Features :

  • Content insights
  • Influencer amplification
  • Content alerts
  • Competitor analysis & comparisons
  • Social backlinks
  • Advanced filtering
  • Content curation
  • Data export
  • Content analysis reports
  • Complete social network overview
  • Open API
  • Author tracking & notification
  • Link alerts
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Content discovery
  • Question analyzer


  • Available free trial for 30 days
  • For the pro version, $99/month with unlimited monthly searches and for 5 users.
  • For the Plus version, it costs $179/month with unlimited monthly searches and 10users
  • For the large version, it costs $299/month with 15 users and unlimited search results.
  • For enterprises, $499+ and the custom plans are tailored with unlimited searches and 30 users.

3. Feedly | Best Content Idea Generation Tool

Feedly is a simple and fast news aggregator and allows for creating a news feed after following the favorite topics. The place where you can get up-to-date news on a specific industry or gather information on different topics. Don’t worry about the compatibility; it can work on mobile devices, laptops, and browsers.

Features :

  • News aggregator
  • Smart reader
  • Share options
  • Shared feeds
  • Read later
  • Blogs
  • Application integration
  • Automatic notifications
  • Mobile integration
  • Multi-language
  • Privacy options
  • RSS feeds
  • Search functionality
  • Social media integration
  • Third-party integration
  • Trend tracking
  • Video streaming
  • Video support
  • Mobile alerts
  • Keyword tracking
  • Authentication & security
  • Collaboration tools


  • For the next level of reading and sharing, it costs $6/month if billed annually.
  • The Pro Plus version costs $8.25/month and billed annually for up to 2500 sources and social media feeds.
  • The business version costs $18/month billed annually up to 5000 sources and is suitable for team workspaces.
  • Request a demo for the enterprise version with the availability of advanced features

4. Reddit | Best Content Writing Software Tool

It is a more popular social media platform than a content producer, but it is perfect for picking as the content idea generation software tool. You can find many user-generated topics when you search for any type of industrial topic. Reddit tool is termed as a front page of the internet, and it is the first choice to find out the content or soft news. To discover discussion points, content topics, and new ideas, Reddit is a fantastic source to use.

Features :

Campaign Management

  • Reach
  • Targeting


  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Performance and Reliability
  • Customization
  • Workflow Capability
  • Notifications


  • Available for free of cost to generate new ideas or also use as a social media platform.

5. Toluna | Best Content Writing Generation Tool

Like any other site, Toluna is also one of the best content idea generation tools and especially useful for marketers. It allows running new polls, and the poll is available publicly to get the audiences’ response. If you’re looking for an idea generation software tool, Toluna is the pick and simply can give every insight into various topics.

Features :

  • Benchmarking
  • Face-to-Face
  • Multi-Channel Distribution
  • Panel Management
  • Paper-Based
  • Phone-Based
  • Reporting
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Survey Builder
  • Survey Sample Management

Pricing: Contact the vendor for more information on pricing and plans.

6. Soovle | Best Content Writing Generation Software

It is an autocomplete function for search engines that let you know what terms they are supposed to search. It can work in both search engines as well as e-commerce sites along with information sites. Soovle is a great option that can focus on the content, blog topics and easily narrow down the content ideas to generate quickly.

Features :

  • It can country-specific search volume data
  • Results on the keyword tool based on your choice
  • 15+ search engines
  • Keyword tips based on queries
  • Soovled link
  • Export data in CSV

Pricing: Contact the vendor for the pricing details based on your needs.

7. Quora | Free Content Idea Generation Software Tool

If you type any question in the google search engine, you can stumble upon the organic results’ quora site. It allows the users to post questions, write questions and answers, and feed on different topics. The quora answers are more accurate than any other site like Yahoo. You can find industry topics easily, answer the crowd questions, and promote your content.

Features :

  • Can generate the idea for the content
  • Allows to follow the topic of different genres for future updates
  • Add answers to the questions.
  • Can add new questions
  • The topics you choose during the registration process will present the updates in the feed.
  • It will allow inviting experts or other people.
  • Can sharable to other social media platforms
  • Easy to use interface

Pricing: Available for free of cost, and it is beneficial for readers and writers. You can write unlimited answers or content in the app itself, and that; quora do not charge any fee for any purpose to connect or for writings.


Creating fresh content ideas is sum up and even pretty challenging for many writers and the pain we can see, especially for bloggers. Now, it’s time not to sit and waste time brainstorming ideas. Today, we have various content idea generation tools to help get new ideas and easy to implement in this digital world. We have mentioned the best content idea generation software tools to proceed with killer content.