7 Best Content Collaboration Software Tools: 2022

Today, businesses are inclined digitally and continually perform activities through documents, PDFs, and many more. A massive amount of data has been stored and shared among the employees regularly. Always the employees show hunger for developing the new content as it is a part of the marketing strategy. Creating and sharing content with others has been easy nowadays with the best content collaboration software tools. To boost your business productivity, quickly search for the best content collaboration software tools to bring teamwork. 

Why Should You Use a Content Collaboration Software Tool?

Collaboration tools play a key role in team management and communication to increase the organization’s reputation. These tools help avoid mistakes when people start working together and improve the work procedures to accomplish the goal. Shifting to digital collaboration tools will reduce costs for various purposes like printing, storing, filing, maintaining hard copy, etc. Content collaboration is beneficial for your business process and quick workflows. Now, let’s see a list of the best tools that fit your business/organization.  

How to Choose the Best Content Collaboration Software Tool?

Every organization prefers an easy workflow while the employees work together to avoid risks. For this, content collaboration tools are perfect for creating, editing, sharing, and working with each other. According to your business requirement, pick the right software by choosing the best features that it offers us. Document management, File Sharing, search features, Tracking tools, and task management are the top essential needs to consider when choosing the best collaboration tool.  

Best Content Collaboration Tools of 2020

For better communications, the best content collaboration tools are important to use for any kind of organization. It allows people to understand the perspectives of each other easily without any gaps. From this, it makes it easy to solve the problems within less time. 

1. Google Drive | Best Content Collaboration Software Tool

Description: Google Drive is one of the best content collaboration software tools, and it is a google cloud storage service. In this, you can store the data like files, documents, videos, audio, images, and any other basic data. When you have login details of a Gmail account, you can access google drive at any time, anywhere from any device. It has free storage of 15GB of data to store media files, spreadsheets, and documents. For more than 15GB of storage, you can upgrade to it and provide various options like edit, comment, and view options. It allows you to share the files in link format and co-edit the document with the collaborators easily. 


  • Cloud storage for free up to 15GB
  • Businesses can save documents and files in different file storage 
  • Allows to view, edit, and collaborate with other teams 
  • Secure your data, including photos, videos, and many more
  • Has google drive search option to search your file/folder


  • For business starter, INR 125/month/user with the custom secure business collaboration of 100 members
  • For business-standard. INR 672/month/user with 150 members video meetings and tracking
  • For business plus, INR 1260/month/user with 250 members video meetings and recordings
  • For an enterprise, contact the sales vendor to pick the plan based on the organization’s requirements. 

2. Microsoft OneDrive for Business | Best Content Collaboration Software

Description: Microsoft is one of the safe and secure cloud storage service providers. You can save all your data like photos and files and view them anywhere and anywhere. Onedrive allows you to share and collaborate with your friends, colleagues, and others easily. Even you can edit the saved file offline and automatically update the changes whenever you connect.  It includes Office365 and enables seamless co-author office documents across desktop apps, browsers, and mobile devices. 


  • Work better for teams and with integrations allows sharing the file with links.
  • Can add shared files from the teams to the personal account
  • It will manage the migrations easily. 
  • Access anywhere
  • Collaborate the work inside and outside of the company 
  • Create, edit, view, and share the documents


  • One drive business plan costs ₹330/month/user with a file-sharing ability 
  • Onedrive business plan two costs ₹660/month/user with additional file security 
  • Microsoft business 365 basic ₹125/month/user for cloud storage and Microsoft teams. 
  • Microsoft 365 business-standard ₹660/month/user for office apps, business class email, and other services.

3. Dropbox Business | Best Content Collaboration Tool for Business

Description: Dropbox allows the users to store the data as it is a cloud storage service provider. To keep all your files in sync, it offers mobile apps and desktop clients. Between desktop, mobile, and cloud, it provides free synchronization. Using Dropbox, you can instantly share files and folders in the form of shareable links to others either inside or outside the organization. Along with that, you can invite them to edit and start a free plan for 2GB of storage space.  


  • Can easily collaborate with the team by using dropbox paper
  • It allows sharing of all types of content in one document. 
  • Real-time feedback on your collaboration
  • Create brainstorming templates to get more ideas and can chat with a team with meeting minutes template


  • For a professional and an individual organization, it costs $16.58/month. 
  • It costs $12.50/month/user and is suitable for smaller teams for a business standard version.  
  • It costs $20/user/month for an advanced business version, and this plan is perfect for larger teams. 

4. Citrix ShareFile | Best Content Collaboration Tool 

Description: For enterprise companies, Citrix sharefile is the perfect content collaboration software tool. It can store and share files at the same time; it is the safest place to save sensitive data. For highly confidential data and proprietary information, Citrix sharefile is the cloud storage tool extremely useful for companies. It provides password protection, and world-class security and can easily integrate with third-party services. 


  • Without any restrictions, it can share, store and send the data. 
  • Can seamlessly connect to the content where it is 
  • With a powerful office365 integration, it can streamline the collaboration of content of any workflow. 
  • Can encrypt all your data and mails  


  • For 5 users, the standard version costs $50/month, and for an additional user $9.90/month with unlimited storage.
  • It costs $77/month for advanced versions and with the availability of 5 employee users for your business growth. 
  • The premium version costs $122/month, and this version is for highly collaborative teams with comprehensive file sharing. 
  • For a virtual data room, $338/month for advanced sharing, and security of your critical data.   

5. Zoho WorkDrive | Free Content Collaboration Software

Zoho’s WorkDrive is to create, collaborate, and happen to work as a team. It helps you to transform the work together and keep them safe and provides customizable reports. Zoho will shape your ideas and brainstorm with the team together to implement them. You can write, edit, view, store, and share the documents with others.  


  • Can collaborate in a clean space and can also publish your work with an integration of WordPress
  • Analyze the data with the help of in-built formulas and operations. 
  • Can engage with the team and revert to any of the files. 
  • Documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and other built-in office products are available in it. 


  • For starters, it costs ₹120/month/user starting with 3 users, 1GB file upload limit, and 1TB/Team. 
  • The team costs ₹240/month/user 5GB storage limit and 3TB/team, and after 10 users get 300GB storage for free.   
  • For business, ₹480/month/annually billed with a 50GB file upload limit and storage starts at 5TB/team.

6. OnlyOffice | Best Enterprise Collaboration Software

It is designed to collaborate easily as it is a tool to run your business productively. Onlyoffice is compatible with all formats of MS Office and easily integrated with ready-to-use connectors. Compatible with all types of devices and can access anytime and anywhere compliance with international safety standards and easy customization & administration.   


  • Document management 
  • Calendar 
  • Email Aggregator 
  • Business Collaboration tools 
  • List of team members 
  • Project management 
  • Online office suite 
  • CRM system and invoicing 


  • For Home purposes, $149 one-time payment for ten users. 
  • For a single server, commercial purpose $1200 one-time payment of simultaneous users. 
  • For clusters, the price for a commercial is to contact the vendor according to your requirement. 

7. NextCloud | Best Content Collaboration Software

To share and collaborate the documents, NextCloud is the best choice to pick. In this, you can manage your calendar and provide a full online collaboration service provider without any security risks. It helps to protect, monitor, and control all your business operations safely and securely. 


  • Unlimited storage of files
  • Support large files
  • Self-host on-premises
  • Globally scalable
  • Auto upload of files 
  • Supports mobile devices 
  • Extensible with apps 
  • Outlook integration 
  • Unified search 
  • File versioning 
  • File locking and checkout 
  • Can share notes 
  • View PDFs, gallery, video, and images
  • Content workflow automation 
  • Automatic script execution 
  • Data retention support 
  • Data Encryption 


  • For basic, it costs €36/user/year for 100 users and 200 users €28.50/user/year with the availability of framework agreements. 
  • For standard,  100 users: €65/user/year and  €48.50/user/year for 200 users. 
  • For premium, 100 users:  €95.50/year and 200 users: €74.50/user/year also has additional tiers for millions of users.  

This article mentioned are the best content collaboration software tools and choose the right software that meets your business needs. The main agenda of content collaboration software tools is to connect as a team and perform different activities to effectively increase your business productivity. Start with a perfect content collaboration platform and work together today!